Creating Your Liposuction Recovery Space

Preplanning prior to surgery can alleviate lots of headaches and frustrations after returning home to recover. The last thing you want to do after a surgical procedure is go grocery shopping, do laundry or pick-up pain-killers while you are in recovery.

The Liposuction Experience

Before choosing pursuing liposuction to enhance your looks, do your research and pick an experienced plastic surgeon who will take the time to go over your needs and concerns about the procedure.

The liposuction procedure involves removing trapped fat from certain trouble spots in the body including: buttocks, thighs, hips, abdomen, upper arms, chin and neck. Recovery after liposuction can vary from days to months depending on the extent of the procedure. Normal life can resume after a few weeks followed by complete recovery within a few months. But initially, expect some discomfort, swelling, bruising and even numbness for several days.

Plan Your Homecoming

What are your needs going to be in the next 24 hours? First make sure you have someone to pick you up from the doctor’s office to bring you home. Because of your preparation efforts, your home will be a welcome site and a sanctuary for your healing. Here are some tips on how to prepare for your recovery space:

When you leave the hospital, you will be wearing compression garments for the first several days to speed up recovery time. Be sure to have some loose clothes to wear over the garment when you leave the hospital and for relaxing at home and recovering. Expect some nausea from the medication and anesthesia. Be prepared by creating a comfortable soothing environment for all your needs and use this as a shopping list and preparation guide for your homecoming after surgery:

o Have medications including antibiotics, pain pills and anti-nausea drugs at your bedside

o Have cold drinks nearby – avoid fruit juices and plain drinking water that may irritate stomach

o Expect some fluid to ooze from your incision. Have your bed covered to avoid staining

o Have petroleum jelly or heavy lotion to apply on itchy skin after your first shower

o Have your refrigerator stocked with healthy foods to maintain your new healthy look

Here are some habits and products that you may want to keep out of your recovery space for the first several days of healing:

o Avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours before and after surgery

o Do not use ice packs or a heating pad on liposuctioned areas

o Do not soak in a bath, pool, hot tub or any other body of water for a least 7 days to avoid infection

o Do not use hydrogen peroxide or band-aids on incision

o Do not rush when using the bathroom or shower. Expect to feel dizzy or light-headed during first phase of recovery

o Have your walking shoes nearby. Doctors encourage light walking shortly after surgery to avoid the formation of blood clots

Be sure to go to all your check-ups scheduled with your doctor. Talk to your doctor about when you can ease back into your normal work and recreation routine including exercise. Remember in order to maintain your new slender look, it’s up to you to surround yourself with healthy food and to exercise regularly.

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