Movies About the Working World

The working world can be a funny place, at least when it is depicted in a movie. There are tons of movies about work and the working world, but in my opinion, just a few of these are funny enough to recommend to people asking about movies related to the business world. This is by no means a complete list, but they are hilarious and sometimes even heartwarming.

The first movie on the list falls into the category of both funny and heartwarming. “13 Going on 30” is a movie about a 13 year old girl who wakes up the very next day and finds she is now 30 years old, thanks to some wishing dust. Jenna (played by Jennifer Garner) is ecstatic about her amazing dream job at Poise Magazine, her awesome friends and knockout body at first. She then realizes she misses her childhood friend, Matty, since by building her life in the way she has, they grow apart. The work-related part of this movie is Jenna’s job at Poise Magazine. She is responsible for coming up with ideas for photo shoots, and her office seems glamorous. Whether it actually is or not is something you should find out by watching the movie.

The movie “Waiting” is hilarious and absolutely disgusting, so if you have a weak stomach, go ahead and skip this one. It is about several people who work as wait staff at a restaurant called Shenaniganz and all the, for lack of a better word, shenanigans they get into while working. This is a very offensive movie, but if you can handle it, also very funny and worth watching. The wait staff gossips and seeks revenge on especially rude customers by messing with their food in disgusting ways.

“Empire Records” is not nearly as bad as “Waiting,” but those easily offended should still take caution in deciding whether to see it. Several teens who work at a record store try to help one of their coworkers because he somehow manages to lose the previous night’s money while trying to double his winnings in Atlantic City. The focus of the movie is the interactions between the teens and their manager, Joe, who takes on a semi-paternal role at times, but mostly keeps reminding them: “WORK.” Joe is concerned about the missing money and the fact that their record store is about to be turned into a branch of Music Town, making them completely generic.

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