Youth Basketball Drills – Get Your Team on Their Toes With This Footfire Drill

It’s a well known fact: in order for your players to be adept on the court, they need to practice. With practice comes a whole lot of youth basketball drills. While your team might think that drills are boring, they are totally and utterly necessary. Give this footfire drill a try during one of your earlier basketball practices – it’s a great way to hone your players’ stance and footwork skills.

Purpose of the Footfire Footwork Drill

It’s imperative that your team understand the importance of basic basketball techniques. One of the most basic and important factors to the game is stance. Being able to immediately return to the proper defensive stance during a play is necessary. Once your players are comfortable enough snapping back to their stance, they will be better prepared to take on and react quickly to the opposing team.

How the Kids’ Basketball Drill Works

To start, break your team up into couples. One of the pair will start out by giving the commands. When he or she gives the “Stance” command, the other player is to assume the defensive stance: head directly over the waist, back straight, hands kept above the waist, arms close to the body, elbows flexed, feet about shoulder-width apart, weight distributed evenly on the balls of the feet, and knees slightly flexed. When the player gives the “Go” command, their partner is to move their feet up and down as quickly as possible while maintaining the correct offensive stance form. This continues for ten seconds or until the “Stop” command is given.

Do three repetitions of this drill during basketball practice. Each repetition should last for ten seconds with ten-second rest intervals.

When you lead this kids’ basketball drill, tell your team to keep the following in mind:

*Always double-check to insure that you are in the correct offensive stance
*Move your feet as quickly as you can
*Your goal should be to have your feet hit the ground forty to fifty times during each ten-second session

Variations of this Youth Basketball Drill

If your players want to try out an advanced version of this drill during basketball practice, tell them to try the following:

*Instead of sticking to ten-second repetitions with ten-second rest intervals, mix it up. Instruct the players that they are allowed to shout out the “Stop” and “Go” commands twice during each repetition. This will not only help your players work on their offensive stance, but it will also help them work on their reaction time so that they are always ready for anything during a play.

This is just one of many basketball drills for kids focusing on the offensive stance. Be sure to remind your kids that doing drills during practice will only make them stronger and better out on the court.

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